Disclaimer: w.e.f from 25th Dec 2023 RFM Academy, company Name - Nueve Technologies ( A unit of Nueve Enterprise) Is Not Taking Any Admission for its online Yoga Teacher Training Programs. Please note, RFM Academy will not be continuing the online batches and offline batches for Yoga Teacher Training Program of any kind (Yoga Alliance/ IYA/ any other) or any other services or products. Any calls/msg/ other correspondence asking for money on behalf of RFM should be treated as misrepresentation/fraud calls/ void.

Please be advise that Rfm will not be responsible for any repayments, damages or losses as RFM Academy is withdrawing/stopping its Yoga Teacher Training program & any other services or products of any kinds till further notice.


Our bookings or queries are made through the website, social media etc in relation to such bookings, and are governed by these terms and conditions.

  • The students first have to read the terms and conditions of the academy thoroughly.
  • If you are not agreed with the terms and conditions of our academy, then you are free to exit the webpage.
  • If you are agreed with the terms and conditions, then our counsellor will tell and make you understand all the course details and if you are satisfied with the counsellor, then the payment link will be sent to you. Then you have to make payment to that link only.
  • All the transaction fees shall be covered by the student/applicant – it refers to the fees taken by Paytm, google pay, or on the payment link of the company only, if a student is making payment to any other link or number apart from the academy, then the RFM academy shall not be responsible for such kind of act or fraud.
  • The RFM Academy will be capturing pictures of various classes, sessions, and activities along with the teachers-students present at those times. This is for our various publications (print and electronic media).
  • We respect each person’s privacy and hence if anyone has any objection to be captured in the frame, please feel free to step aside/outside of the camera frame and inform their respective coordinators.
    • That in case of any dispute arise in future between the student and RFM Academy the same shall be referred to Sole Arbitrator under Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1966 which shall be appointed by the court of law and the decision of the Arbitrator shall be binding on both the parties.


  • Once you make the transferplease send us the payment receiptof your transaction amount for confirmation of your payment– thanks to this small help, we will keep track of your payment
  • If you cannot pay via bank transfer, we can send a payment link to your email address. For further details pleasecontact us.
  • To book your seat either in our Yoga Teacher Training program or short-term retreat program, the fee has to be paid. Please note that we book the seats according to the chronology of the payment (“first come first served”),
  • All the transaction fees shall be covered by the student/applicant– it refers to the fees taken by Paytm, google pay, or on the payment link of the company only, if the student is making payment to any other link or number apart from the institute, then the RFM academy shall not be responsible for such kind of act or fraud.
  • We will accept reserving your seat to another date only due to unavoidable reasons, the paid amount can be adjusted/used in any future course you do with us within six months from the date of booking.

Cancellation Policy

  • The course fee including any initial deposit is strictly non-refundable and non-transferable. If you need to cancel the course due to unavoidable reasons the booking amount can be adjusted/ used for any future course that you do with us within 3 months from the date of booking. To reschedule your course, you must inform us at least two weeks before your course start date otherwise you may lose your entire fee.
  • 100% Cancellation Charges or no refund in case of Cancellation or No-Show.
  • The RFM Academy is not responsible for any mishaps before the course schedule.
  • The RFM Academy reserves the right to cancel any booking that they feel necessary.
  • In case of cancellation of the course is done by The RFM Academy before the beginning of the course, the student will receive a 100% refund of the amount paid.
  • The RFM Academy is not liable for any expenses the student may have occurred including the travel expenses (e.g. flight and train tickets) even in case of a Training cancellation either by the participant or The RFM Academy.
  • Payment of fee implies consent to all the information, rules, regulations, terms and conditions of The RFM Academy.
  • The student is free to leave the course at any time. In this eventuality there will not be any refund and readmission will not be agreed upon.
  • No User shall be permitted to perform any of the following prohibited activities while availing of our Services:
  • Making available any content that is misleading, unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, tortious, defamatory, libellous, vulgar, obscene, child-pornographic, lewd, lascivious, profane, invasive of another’s privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable;
  • Stalking, intimidating and/or harassing another and/or inciting others to commit violence;
  • Transmitting material that encourages anyone to commit a criminal offence, that results in civil liability or otherwise breaches any relevant laws, regulations or code of practice;
  • Interfering with any other person’s use or enjoyment of the Application/Website/Services;
  • Making, transmitting or storing electronic copies of materials protected by copyright without the permission of the owner, committing any act that amounts to the infringement of intellectual property or making available any material that infringes any intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights of anyone else;
  • Make available any content or material that You do not have a right to make available under any law or contractual or fiduciary relationship unless You own or control the rights thereto or have received all necessary consents for such use of the content;
  • Impersonate any person or entity, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent Your affiliation with a person or entity;
  • Post, transmit or make available any material that contains viruses, trojan horses, worms, spyware, time bombs, cancelbots, or other computer programming routines, code, files or such other programs that may harm the Application/services, interests or rights of other users or limit the functionality of any computer software, hardware or telecommunications, or that may harvest or collect any data or personal information about other Users without their consent;
  • Access or use the Application/Website/Services/products in any manner that could damage, disable, overburden or impair any of the Application’s/Website’s servers or the networks connected to any of the servers on which the Application/Website is hosted;
  • Intentionally or unintentionally interfere with or disrupt the services or violate any applicable laws related to the access to or use of the Application/Website/Services/products, violate any requirements, procedures, policies or regulations of networks connected to the Application/Website/Services/products, or engage in any activity prohibited by these Terms;
  • Disrupt or interfere with the security of, or otherwise cause harm to, the Application/Website/Services/products, materials, systems resources, or gain unauthorized access to user accounts, passwords, servers or networks connected to or accessible through the Application/Website/Services/products or any affiliated or linked sites;
  • Interfere with, or inhibit any user from using and enjoying access to the Application/Website/ Services/products, or other affiliated sites, or engage in disruptive attacks such as denial of service attack on the Application/Website/Services/products;
  • Use deep-links, page-scrape, robot, spider or other automatic devices, program, algorithm or methodology, or any similar or equivalent manual process, to increase traffic to the Application/Website/Services/products, to access, acquire, copy or monitor any portion of the Application /Website/Services/products, or in any way reproduce or circumvent the navigational structure or presentation of the Application, or any content, to obtain or attempt to obtain any content, documents or information through any means not specifically made available through the Application/ Website/Services/products;
  • Alter or modify any part of the Services;
  • Use the Services for purposes that are not permitted by: (i) these Terms; and (ii) any applicable law, regulation or generally accepted practices or guidelines in the relevant jurisdiction; or Violate any of the terms specified under the Terms for the use of the Application /Website/Services/products.

General Health Condition/Declaration

The Students agree to:

  • Abide by the Health and Safety Protocols introduced by the Government in response to COVID-19.
  • To report any unsafe and/or unhealthy practices at the workplace in terms of the OHS Act.
  • Complete a voluntary self-declaration of any comorbidities or medical conditions that may result in complications in the event that any student is infected with COVID-19. The Student understands that it is his/her obligation to disclose such details and thereafter to cooperate with the employer in determining reasonable responses to accommodate the student. This may include requesting the students to obtain a medical practitioner’s opinion that would assist in this regard.
  • The students have to disclose immediately should they experience any symptoms relating to COVID-19 and/or inform the teacher or academy staff if they have been in close contact with a person or are being tested for COVID-19 in accordance with academy protocol.
  • Cooperate with all internal investigations relating to the containment of COVID-19 and Health and Safety gaps.
  • The student agrees to any testing for COVID-19 and/or for the purpose of applying rules, and policies which are not discriminatory of nature and are allowed for by law, such as, but not limited to:
  • Blood, urine or breathalyser test.
  • Fingerprint examination.
  • Medical testing, excluding testing prohibited by the Employment Equity Act of 1988.
  • The student accepts and understands that breach of health and safety regulations is a serious transgression that may result in a dismissal and/or imprisonment and/or fine.
  • In the program, students will be actively working with their physical bodies as well as to inquire into fundamental issues that have been of interest to many people as human beings. The experience of the program is unique to each individual and there’s no way to predict in advance exactly what you may think, feel or experience as a result. It is normal for some people to experience unwanted or unfamiliar emotions from time to time, such as fear, anger, sadness, regret, hatred, irritation and impatience. For most participants exploring thoughts and feelings that they have not fully explored before has shown to be a useful and positive learning experience. Some participants have found that exploring life’s issues honestly may evoke uncomfortable and unpleasant feelings. For others, the program may occur as physically distressing. If you’re unwilling to encounter any of these powerful experiences or feelings in yourself or in others, or if you have any concerns about your ability to deal with such physical, mental or emotional experiences, we request that you do not participate in the program, or consult with medical and/or mental health professionals to first advise you on your decision to participate, or not.
  • For some people with any physical, mental or emotional problems, even normal amounts of stress from any source, may generate severe physical, mental or emotional problems. If you have any history of physical injury, trauma, illness and/or mental illness or emotional problems personally or in your immediate family, whether temporary, vocational or intermittent, and or whether treated or not, or serious concerns about your ability to handle stress, we strongly recommend that you do not participate in the program or that you first consult with medical and/or mental health professionals to first advise you on your decision to participate, or not.
  • Participation/joining is ultimately your choice, it is strongly recommended that you should not participate in the program if you:have any personal history of physical injury, emotional or physical trauma, illness, disease or genetic disposition where engagement in intense physical activity proposes a risk; b.) having personal or family history of bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, acute or chronic depression or other psychotic disorder, whether or not you or they are being or has ever been treated or hospitalized; c.) are taking, have taken or been prescribed to take within the previous 12 months antianxiety drugs, antidepressants, antipsychotics, any medication to treat bipolar disorders, any drugs or medicines, whether prescription or nonprescription, intended to treat or affect mental processes or mood or to a treat a chemical imbalance, or anabolic steroids, or;have an unresolved history of drug abuse, are or have in the past year been depressed and or considered or had ideas of suicide, self harm or harm to another, are currently in therapy and your therapist sees a health reason why you should not participate in the program, or are uncertain about your physical, mental or emotional ability to participate in the program.
  • Any health-related advice and suggestions given at The RFM Academy should not be used for diagnosing purposes or be substituted for medical advice.
  • Students need to submit their medical declaration form before taking admission to RFM academy after consultation with the doctor and he/she needs to declare that He/she has consulted his/her doctor to take Yoga Teachers Training Program. Student himself/herself would be responsible for any harm/injury occurring to him/her while practising the Yoga Asanas and RFM Academy would not be responsible for any Health issues during the Asanas or taking Yoga classes.
  • Always consult your doctor or qualified health professional on any matters regarding your health. Consult your physician before changing your diet, or starting an exercise (yoga) program.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the students/participants to consult a physician prior to and regarding their participation in the programmes offered by The RFM Academy.
  • Students/participants are responsible for their own well-being during the class and are advised to practice at their own pace, understanding their limitations. Students/participants are required to inform their teacher if there have been any changes in their medical / health condition which might affect their participation.

Pregnant Students/Participants

  • Our classes, by default, are not suitable for pregnant students/participants, except the Pregnancy Camp. If any student/participant is pregnant and wishes to participate in any other programme they are necessarily required to discuss their options.

Use of Services and Website

  • We are pleased to grant you a non-exclusive, revocable, limited license to use the Website, and its counterparts, solely for your personal and non-commercial use. You may only use the Website in the way the content you access is intended and in compliance with these Terms of Use and with any and all applicable laws, rules and regulations. You may not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, commercially exploit, create derivative works from, transfer or sell any content, software, products or services contained with the Website.
  • We may from time to time provide course or program materials that you may download from the Website and/or its counterparts. Such materials may only be used for your own personal, non-commercial use and you may not otherwise copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, commercially exploit or create derivative works from our materials.

Teacher-student relationship

  • In the academy relationship between students and teachers should be professional and maintain a certain degree of respect for each role, student and teacher. A student should respect their teacher and feel confident in their ability to guide them, but be careful not to idolize or dehumanize their teacher. A teacher likewise should respect their student and always have the intention to best serve the needs of their students as a collective within each class, careful not to have favourites or show more attention to any one student. Boundaries must be set and maintained in order to have a healthy and successful relationship between student and teacher with key ingredients being trust and respect coming from both sides. If issues arise then you must deal with them on a unique individualized basis and address them immediately so as not to further let things spiral out of control to create a bigger issue which I believe to be true in any type of relationship.

Evaluation And Certification

  • Your admission to this course does not guarantee a certificate. You will be evaluated by your teaching practicums, behaviour, progress, and full attendance.

Reference And Course Material

  • Students/participants may be given handouts, notes and reading material during their participation in our programmes. These are for the personal use of the students/participants only and cannot be circulated, distributed, printed, exploited, exhibited, transmitted, reproduced, broadcasted, adapted or posted in any public domain. Any such use shall amount to infringement of copyright and shall be dealt with strictly.
  • Teaching material is the sole ownership of The RFM Academy and should not be shared.
  • Students are not allowed to take photos or videos during classes.
  • Our Website provides Users with Yoga teacher training courses. Such information is provided on an As-Is basis and We assume no liability for the accuracy or completeness or use or non-obsolescence of such information. We shall not be liable to update or ensure continuity of such information contained on the Website. We would not be responsible for any errors, which might appear in such information, which is compiled from third party sources or for any unavailability of such information. From time to time the Website may also include links to other websites. These links are provided for your convenience to provide further information. They do not signify that we endorse the website(s). We have no responsibility for the content of the linked website(s). You may not create a link to the Website from another website or document without the Company’s prior written consent.

General Provisions:

  • Notice: All notices served by the Company shall be provided via email or your address provided on the Application form. And any notice to be provided to the Company should be sent to support@retreatsforme.com
  • Entire Agreement: The Terms, along with the Privacy Policy, and any other guidelines made applicable to the Application from time to time, constitute the entire agreement between the Company and You with respect to Your access to or use of the Application, Website and the Services thereof.
  • Assignment: You cannot assign or otherwise transfer Your obligations under the Terms, or any right granted hereunder to any third party. The Company’s rights under the Terms are freely transferable by the Company to any third parties without the requirement of seeking Your consent.
  • Severability: If for any reason, a court of competent jurisdiction finds any provision of the Terms, or portion thereof, to be unenforceable, that provision shall be enforced to the maximum extent permissible so as to give effect to the intent of the parties as reflected by that provision, and the remainder of the Terms shall continue in full force and effect.
  • Waiver: Any failure by the Company to enforce or exercise any provision of the Terms, or any related right, shall not constitute a waiver by the Company of that provision or right.
  • The Company provides these Terms so that You are aware of the terms that apply to your use of the Website/Application and Services. You acknowledge that, the Company has given You a reasonable opportunity to review these Terms and that You have agreed to them.

Rules for taking offline classes:

  • Students are expected to treat everything in the room as your own. Any damage to the room or equipment shall be charged accordingly.
  • Students are kindly requested to take care of their belongings. Management shall not be responsible for any loss.
  • Any damage to The RFM academy property/course material shall be charged accordingly.
  • Visitors of students/participants are allowed only between 10:30 am – 6:30 pm
  • No visitors are allowed in the room
  • Student/participant bears full material and legal responsibility for any loss, damages or destruction of furnishing/appliances / or any other property resulting from his/her fault or from the fault of his/her visitors.
  • Students/participants have to enter details on the logbook while they enter/exit the Institute.
  • Being in possession or consuming non-vegetarian food/alcohol/tobacco (smoking/chewing) and use of illicit drugs is STRICTLY PROHIBITED on the Institute premises.
  • Eating in class is prohibited.
  • In case of violations of the points mentioned above, management reserves the right to ask the person to leave the premises without entertaining any claim for a refund.
  • Making available any content that is misleading, unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, tortious, defamatory, libellous, vulgar, obscene, child-pornographic, lewd, lascivious, profane, invasive of another’s privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable;
  • Stalking, intimidating and/or harassing another and/or inciting others to commit violence;
  • Transmitting material that encourages anyone to commit a criminal offence, that results in civil liability or otherwise breaches any relevant laws, regulations or code of practice;

Code Of Conduct – Dress Code

  • Students/participants are required to be decently and appropriately dressed on the premises of Retreatsforme. Tight body-hugging clothes, short tops, shorts, revealing clothes, tank tops, low cut shirts, short T-shirts, etc. are strictly prohibited inside the premises. Ideally, the dress code of students/participants is expected to be attired in trousers, track pants, sleeved T-shirts, shirts, salwar kameez, and kurta pyjama.
  • In case any student/participant is inappropriately dressed, The Retreat for me reserves its right to prohibit entry of such students/participants on its premises. The decision of the Institute in such a case shall be final and binding on the students/participants.

Code of Conduct – Attendance

  • All classes are mandatory.
  • Only in case of illness are you excused from class. Also, in this case, if you are capable, you should try to attend the class to observe and take notes
  • You are expected to be in class on time, if you are more than 10 mins late according to the class schedule, you will not be permitted to join the class.
  • Repeatedly being late or missing classes without an excuse will be grounds for dismissal from the course.

Customer Care:

We make all our best endeavours to provide You with a pleasant experience. In the unlikely event that You face any issues, please contact us atsupport@retreatsforme.com

The information contained on this website is for general information purposes only. The information is provided by RFM academyand while we endeavour to keep the information up to date and correct,we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the website or the information, products, services, or related graphics contained on the website for any purpose. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk.

In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits arising out of, or in connection with, the use of this website.

Through this website, you are able to link to other websites which are not under the control of RFM academy.We have no control over the nature, content and availability of those sites. The inclusion of any links does not necessarily imply a recommendation or endorse the views expressed within them.

Every effort is made to keep the website up and running smoothly. However, RFM academy LLP takes no responsibility for, and will not be liable for, the website being temporarily unavailable due to technical issues beyond our control.

RFM academy is located at –
Address: A-40, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi-110027
Email: support@retreatsforme.com
Website: www.rfmacademy.com

Law and Jurisdiction

  • The Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India, without regard to conflict of law principles. Further, the Terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts located in New Delhi and you hereby accede to and accept the jurisdiction of such courts.
  • That in case of any dispute arise in future between the student and RFM Academy the same shall be referred to Sole Arbitrator under Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1966 which shall be appointed by the court of law and the decision of the Arbitrator shall be binding on both the parties.


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