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Please be advise that Rfm will not be responsible for any repayments, damages or losses as RFM Academy is withdrawing/stopping its Yoga Teacher Training program & any other services or products of any kinds till further notice.

Multi-Style Yoga Teacher Training

Kid's Yoga Teacher Training Online

Welcome to our Yoga Alliance International Accredited Online Yoga Teacher Training Course, we offer a 5-week program.This online 95 Hrs RCYT course gives you the flexibility of learning from your home, it enables studnet to study and understand all childhood development stages. Our seasoned staff with more than 10+ years of experience has succesfully guided more than 2000 students and will make your Yoga voyage a blissful walk !!

RFM Academy Yoga RFM Academy Yoga


RFM Academy Yoga


You will receive your Training Manual & Yoga Books

RFM Academy Yoga

Flexible Batch Timings through the Week

You can opt for timings which are from Morning to Evening

RFM Academy Yoga


Rfm academy accredited course

RFM Academy Yoga


Get collateral Support + Recorded Videos + Free doubt sessions

RFM Academy Yoga


Excellence in Yoga Teacher Training with 2000 + succesful certified students

RFM Academy Yoga


Each teacher training has a maximum of 16 students.

RFM Academy Yoga


RFM Academy is one such online platform that provides yoga teacher training courses through its mobile app.

You're just one session away from experiencing these changes for Yourself

  • Improved strength and flexibility
  • Individual attention hand holding
  • Be a part of the fastest growing yogic
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Why is Rfm acadmey Yoga Teacher Training Different?

Kid's YTT
Business & career opportunities post certification
Lifetime access to course - Step by Step video access to all Asanas
Support to get Overseas Job Opportunity
Advance teaching Techniques & Methods
Powerful Online tools to setup for Virtual Studio
Get complete Support to get International Clients for your Yoga studio
Recorded videos
Complete revision options
Individual Doubt sessions
Business workshop- How to start your academy
2 teachers in one batch - Multiple faculties in each batch
personalized mannual
Multiple yoga books
real time doubt clearance on whatsapp
Advanced syllabus
Alumni community for sharing and continued learning
Job opportunities
Worlds most affordable certified yttc programme

Yoga Teacher Training Course

Kid's YTT. (1 Months)

For yoga enthusiasts who are waiting for an opportunity to kick start their career in yoga. This course is a perfect start to your professional career, and equips you with the basic knowledge and confidence required to become a renowned yoga instructor.


  • Upcoming Batch
  • 15th Feb & 1st march 2023
  • Timings (IST)
  • Evening - 5pm - 7 pm
  • Sessions
  • Live class on Zoom Registration Form

What To Expect With This Course?

RFM Academy Yoga
Spread Across 5 Weeks & Over Kid's YTT
RFM Academy Yoga
Starts from ₹18999
RFM Academy Yoga
Live, Personalized & Interactive Sessions
RFM Academy Yoga
Learn Upto 60+ Asanas
RFM Academy Yoga
Industry & Business Insights Included
RFM Academy Yoga
Accreditation By Rfm academy
RFM Academy Yoga
Learn In-Depth And Detailed Concepts
RFM Academy Yoga
Story Telling & Kids Prop method
RFM Academy Yoga
Weekly Guest Lectures By Industry Experts

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Course Curriculums

The ‘yoga teacherstraining programme is an intensive certificate course providing in-depth knowledge of yoga
practices and pedagogy of yoga. See how what is covered in the modules and what each module is about.

  • Yoga Practice – Daily classes for Hatha, Vinyasa, Traditional, Ashtanga Yoga, alignment of asanas and asana sequencing
  • Kriyas – Techniques to purify the body
  • Yoga Nidra – Deep relaxation with mindful guidance
  • Meditation – Daily practice of various techniques for physical and mental illness
  • Pranayama – Vital life force of breathing
  • Bandha – Lock or bind in Yoga
  • Sadhana – Practice self-consciousness aatm chintan sadhana

  • Teaching Methodology – Principles of demonstration, adjusting and assisting
  • Teaching Styles – Qualities of a good teacher and the student learning process
  • Class Design – Creating specific sequences according to style and student needs
  • Personal Style – Integrating your unique strengths and personality into classes
  • Student Needs – Assessing students, setting goals and providing support
  • Teaching Tools – Techniques for leading classes effectively
  • Principles of Teaching – How to instruct various categories of asana
  • Ethics of Teaching – Proper conduct and establishing boundaries

  • Human Anatomy – Bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, cells, tissue, human organs and systems
  • Biomechanics – How the body functions in action, especially in Yoga poses
  • Physiology – Bodily systems, musculoskeletal, respiratory, nervous, cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, excretory and reproductive system
  • Injuries – How to avoid and recover from common, chronic and acute injuries

  • Base of Yoga Philosophy – What is Yoga?
  • Important terms of Yoga – Sanskrit and roots
  • History of Yoga – Ancient texts, Vedas and Upanishads
  • Patanjali’s Yoga sutras – The origins of systematized Yoga
  • The 8 limbs of Yoga – The structure of Yoga
  • Yamas and Niyamas – Guidelines for personal conduct
  • Bhagavad Gita – Ancient text of Yoga wisdom and ethics
  • Asanas – Poses for physical health and stability
  • Pranayama – Vital life force of breathing
  • Meditation and mindfulness practice – The essence of Yoga
  • Samadhi sutras conclusion – Union with the divine
  • Hatha Yoga origins – Development of the physical practice
  • The chakras – Energy centres connecting body and mind
  • Introduction to Vedas and Upanishads – The Highest Truth
  • Purushartha Chatusthaya – The four end goals of a human life
  • Panchkosha – A Hierarchical theory of personality
  • Panchklesha – The five obstacles of the mind
  • Panchprana – One’s Vital Energy

  • Teaching exams – record yourself teaching a complete 75min class each week
  • Feedback – instructors review your work and give you feedback
  • Online teaching – practice teaching your classmates on Zoom 1 on 1 or in groups


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